I just want you to see somthing. Actually, I got itseveral months ago. Now I want to show you.
It's about the favourite movie of mine. yep,I'm talking aboutSPIDER-MAN.

The next is the 3rd part, the last of Spiderman.Sure!I'll go to see this. 'cos I'm a big fan of them.
thechapter 3 is abouttwo critical event ofPeter Parker. So aboutEmma, the woman whom he loves. and about er...the devils or call..er...the bad persons to against him 'cos somereason.

I never want to read a short story of this. Because if I read, I won't havefunny lots as much as i didn't. If you want to see, 1th May 2007 Go to the cinema!

Ok, let me show yousome pics of them.

Emma and Parker <3

: what's that ?

: SpiderBlack lol.

: hehe, who are you guy ?

: he's going to ..

: Parker.. Oops!

: Suck! Spider's Web wa hooo~

: who's that ?

: What is he doing ?

: lovely hero XD.

: his spider's coat

: Nice Smile!

: heey, i'm comin'!!

: this pic,she seems older thanthe truth. lol

: what's happen Peter, huh ?

: who ?

: who ?

: who, ehh ? whoare they ? - -"

Don't forget,On 1th MayIf you have lots of freetime. plz go to the cinema.
Parker's come and gone away !

Goodbye, See ya soon!

Happy Marchi Month looool




wa ha haa~

i love you Parker.
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