hey hey Doha's games is ending today!

I'm so glad and feel proud about performance of athletes with 13 Gold Medals ^^'

yap, I think the best is Sepaktakraw's team. They've Gold 4 Medals. From the men 3 and the women 1.Women lost Vietnam, Vietnam has good improvetion. They make us feel nervous. [ I think that only one ] Anyway, We played well and we've the true spirit of athletes. We've made anybody know Thai isn't worse than another. We're great !

I wanna show some of pics that I got for Doha's site. About Cerebration of Victory, Sepaktakraw.

: The left's P'Jo-Suebsak, the right's P'Pui-Pornchai. One of my favs >__<

: the left is P'Jo-Suebsak, the right is P'Pui-Pornchai, One of my favs. >___<

: Kiss the medal !

Another sports has a bad match, like badminton, P'Man's sick before go there. So, he couldn't played well, He gave up the match against Taofic. { I think i wrote wrong } Anyway, I think that's ok. 'cause P'Man isn't fit for the winner. It's a good thing i found he played with the spirit. I love him.

: this's from Olympic.I'llalways love you. Whatever happens, You're my "Hero" :)

Ps. P'View had a bad match. She lost ! don't fair. F-CK REFEREE !!


I just found myself. All of the past, I was a common human. Didn't do anything well, I've been earn a living everyday for tomorrow the same and the same. I don't know how to I say. That's 14 years ago that I didn't do it all for good thing. Perhaps you can't understand it. Anyway, It's enough that I know how am I. Moreover, I am not a good friend for them.

I wanna improve myself quickly, I've a dream, I've hopes, I've a chane. Several times but I couldn't it. Notwithstanding I could do it easily.

Nope, Don't mind anything that's past. "Stop the past, Start the new" Yeah Tha you know! and you can do it. Just pay attention, To divide one's time, Read it all. Your future's waiting for you. And your dream will comes true if you try one's best. Do it all that you want to do. Don't care anybody.

/ Love sports - Just play

/ Love bio - Just read by myself

/ Love to create about stg. - Just do it

/ Ok' Tha.. Control yourself and do it freely.

I can do it ! ^^

See ya my blog.

Ps' Sorry, I'm typing quickly. I have not check up.




sUebsak is my idol.. o'z he's a great player of thailand her service was so amazing..! specially in barriation..!
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