I don't know What should I call it ? Somebody call Sport Colours . anyway, I love to call ' Sport season'. Yap, Today we have the time of our lives again! but you know what did i get any else?

What did I get from ' Sport Season' this year ?

- You can see the beautiful parade.

- You can see the boys and the girls in the great dresses.

- Anybody love to take a photo { maybe alot }with the person whom they like, me too ! ^^

- See the imagin about cut out each colours.

- Runners faint sudden!

- Makes you know who is the girl/boyfriend of the person whom you like.

- They show us the power. damn it my colour ! ><

- anything that I can't remember.

I took some photos badly. because of my camera. What's the matter with it ??! I spend a lot of time to take a pics's cutie girls. but I couldn't ! Don't get me wrong, I got some photos of lovely girls. but they aren't mine. LOL*

I went home late. aboout 19.30 pm. Don't worry, I went with myfriend. Before we went home, we ate bad hot dog! [ now I wanna vomit ] It's so expensive. but Its quality isn't good. I think I wouldn't buy from them again!

see ya my blog, see ya ' Sport Season ' { next the blue is host naaa }





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